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authorAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo <alexandremartinazzo@gmail.com>2007-08-24 21:49:49 (GMT)
committer Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo <alexandremartinazzo@gmail.com>2007-08-24 21:49:49 (GMT)
commit32fe01a83df86b6fa0154ec4d6869d0904444f9b (patch)
tree96e458d021f3e373c1dc15070e3768f6ed5fd5dc /NEWS
parentfc1f549a9711d6d5d91558295906fbc0f813f927 (diff)
Minor modifications on Palettes
Changed some palette's layout User can choose number of points in Star shape Star shape modified (by andremossinato) New move-selection, activate copy button only when selected (by pekayatt) Inserted base Resize code (by barbolo)
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index 3d265db..1fe2f8b 100644
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* Bug #2147 fixed (alexandre)
* Build as Paint not oficina
* Clean up NEWS file - please use setup.py release to do releases
+* toolbar use button copy only when something is selected (pekayatt)
+* New move_selection function, now past and import are really nice (pekayatt)
+* Sel functions improved, import and past now select the image, and can_undo fixed for first undo(pekayatt)
+* Fixed bug with brush and selection, and you can not undo when file is resumed in Journal(pekayatt)