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path: root/MANIFEST
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* unpacking elements so as to be able to remove cjson dependencyWalter Bender2013-12-111-127/+0
* Cleaned out unwanted locale junk form MANIFEST.v5Gary Martin2010-07-071-154/+0
* Put back locale incorrectly removed, I'm getting senile in my old age.Gary Martin2010-02-231-0/+154
* Fixed again, removed all the locale junk files that Sugar 0.87.3 seems to be ...Gary Martin2010-02-231-257/+72
* Version bump and fixed MANIFEST.Gary Martin2010-02-231-0/+12
* Added extra license/copyright related ascii provided by quozl in ticket #1695...Gary Martin2010-02-231-0/+1
* Added better fake Sugar cursor to the PyGame canvas.Gary Martin2009-08-271-2/+3
* First pass as Sugar like cursors (needs some AA pixel work).Gary Martin2009-08-241-0/+2
* Adding new mimetypes file into MANIFEST.Gary Martin2009-08-211-0/+2
* Fix MANIFEST.Gary Martin2009-08-191-2/+4
* Added "Roll" toolasaf2009-08-081-0/+1
* Fix MANIFESTBrian Jordan2009-07-121-27/+249
* Added po and .pot strings ready for translation.Gary Martin2009-06-221-0/+1
* Added missing motor and pin svg entries to MANIFEST.Gary Martin2009-06-151-0/+2
* Just adding a MANIFEST.Gary C Martin2009-05-241-0/+66