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path: root/tools.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* clean up chain toolv13Walter Bender2014-01-121-61/+56
* updates to chain and motor toolsWalter Bender2014-01-091-111/+145
* add icon palettes to toolsWalter Bender2014-01-071-92/+261
* pep8 cleanup; svineet patch to save tracked bodiesWalter Bender2013-12-211-64/+66
* pep8Sai Vineet2013-12-171-31/+29
* Add capability to remove pens with Destroy Tool, pen tracking to journal entry.Sai Vineet2013-12-141-11/+32
* Add Erase Trace Points buttonSai Vineet2013-12-121-9/+12
* add tracing; minor bug fixesWalter Bender2013-12-111-5/+29
* massive commit to reconstruct world before commits were lostWalter Bender2013-12-111-10/+104
* 80 character line length source cleanup.Gary Martin2012-11-051-50/+66
* Switch to event.pos rather than mouse.get_pos where possible and catch a few ...Gary Martin2010-10-131-35/+35
* Code tidy of PolygonTool class.Gary Martin2010-10-111-33/+34
* Tidy-up behaviour of minimal sized triangles.Gary Martin2010-10-111-7/+22
* Tidy-up behaviour of minimal sized boxes.Gary Martin2010-10-081-10/+8
* Tidy-up behaviour of minimal sized circles.Gary Martin2010-10-081-10/+5
* Quick pass through pylint.Gary Martin2010-10-081-29/+76
* Yet more comma space cleanups.Gary Martin2010-10-081-16/+16
* Watch for focus events so that pygame run loop is more gracefully idle when i...Gary Martin2010-10-061-0/+4
* Removed exit event check and extra exit pygame path code as it has no effect.Gary Martin2010-10-061-4/+1
* Fix crash on F14 due to Python/gtk+/pygame float/int sensitivity SL#2363.Gary Martin2010-10-061-16/+16
* More pylint fixes (mainly trailing spaces).Gary Martin2010-10-051-91/+91
* Tidy up more comma and operator spaces.Gary Martin2010-10-031-51/+51
* Tidy up comments.Gary Martin2010-10-031-28/+28
* Fixed a conflict case I missed.Gary Martin2010-06-171-27/+25
* Merged and manualy fixed conflict.Gary Martin2010-06-171-14/+36
| * Grab now works even if the simulation is paused.Peter Froehlich2010-06-131-4/+20
* | make Tool subclasses call Tool.__init__ and remove redundant __init__ related...Craig2010-04-231-25/+11
* | changed event handeleing system to remove redundancy in tool calsses. Now Too...Craig2010-04-161-189/+174
* | added blank lines between methods and between classes to conform with pep8. F...Craig2010-04-161-1/+35
* Added extra license/copyright related ascii provided by quozl in ticket #1695...Gary Martin2010-02-231-0/+18
* Make tool default shapes a little smaller.Gary Martin2009-08-271-4/+4
* Use a user event for stop/start rather than injecting a key event.Gary Martin2009-08-231-8/+7
* Poly tool now supports single click clones but with slight behaviour change.Gary Martin2009-08-231-15/+28
* All tools except poly support single click add.Gary Martin2009-08-221-25/+52
* Removed right click hidden feature for polygon creating many triangles.Gary Martin2009-08-221-18/+0
* Remove redundant code.Gary Martin2009-08-221-3/+1
* Added <ctr> modifier to keyboard shortcuts to allow correct Sugar title input.Gary Martin2009-08-191-11/+11
* Disable joints from connecting with background canvas (too many accidents).Gary Martin2009-08-191-3/+3
* Tools provided with some (new) order, new RollTool excluded for now.Gary Martin2009-08-181-7/+10
* Modified the save/load functions to use a JSON format (Trac #1034 finally!).asaf2009-08-121-2/+3
* Added "Roll" toolasaf2009-08-081-0/+26
* Removed hidden joint tool functionsasaf2009-07-251-13/+1
* Added pin to background functionalityasaf2009-07-241-1/+4
* Added functionality to save/load contraptions to/from the journal (Trac #1034)Asaf Paris Mandoki2009-07-121-0/+8
* Make destroy tool unpin an object (Trac #990)Brian Jordan2009-07-101-3/+7
* Upgraded to elements 12, pybox2d 2.0.2b1Brian Jordan2009-07-101-3/+7
* Added po and .pot strings ready for translation.Gary Martin2009-06-221-52/+53
* Fixed polygon tool to prevent small polys and avoid the crash.Gary Martin2009-06-211-7/+18
* Cleaned up magic pen logic, prevents small polys so now avoids crashing.Gary Martin2009-06-161-18/+13
* Removed Esc key as binging for quit to prevent accidental loss of work.Gary Martin2009-06-161-1/+1