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authorWade Brainerd <wadetb@gmail.com>2008-11-17 16:30:10 (GMT)
committer Wade Brainerd <wadetb@gmail.com>2008-11-17 16:30:10 (GMT)
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Renamed activity from TypingTurtleApp to TypingTurtle, bundling fixes, improvements to lesson interface.
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Typing Turtle
First Release
-+ Write to Loser, Wes about developing artwork.
+- Write to Loser, Wes about developing artwork.
++ WPM meter updated in 1sec timer.
+- Draw incorrect characters in red.
+- Support backspace, backspace to previous lines.
++ Handle ends of line in a sane manner.
++ Implement two step types: key learning and text copying.
+- Split text into lines for long lessons.
+- Try out an insensitive gtk.Entry instead of the gtk.Label.
+ Write to authors of prior typing activity to inquire about layered artwork. Need to make a .xo file to demo.
+ Better flow at the end of a level. Report the result on the Lesson screen: Need more work, Medal received, etc.
+ Status message on the main screen. "You unlocked a new lesson!" for example. Eventually have the turtle 'say' it.
+ Scroll lessons list to the first non-medaled lesson?
+ Implement a long text copying lesson and fix bugs in the scrolling and typing.
-+ Ability of lessons to list bronze medals in other lessons as prerequisites.
++ Some sort of lesson sorting criteria.
++ Ability of lessons to list medals in other lessons as prerequisites.
+ Graphical WPM and accuracy meters.
- Working medals assignment: "You got a medal!" popup, display next to lesson.
- Nice looking keyboard.