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WIP on new main screen layout.
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Typing Turtle
-How to handle capitals and punctuation?
-Are capitals and punctuation universal concepts? Certainly for all Roman languages.
-Do other languages have capital-like and punctuation-like concepts with different rules?
-Is there a generic way that punctuation could just be handled naturally?
- It depends on how nicely we want them to work. For example knowing that you put quotes
- around words, we can randomly enquote words. Knowing that semicolons, periods and
- commas appear after words also allows us to randomly append them.
- If we don't care, we can just suggest that a) punctuation be taught after the rest
- of the alphabet, and b) native text be given which includes plenty of punctuation.
-Is there a generic way that we can handle capitalization?
- It would be nice to just be able to capitalize the beginning of any word.
- OTOH, acronyms and stuff would be nice to include and those will only come from
- wordlists.
-The answer to both: Right now, I think it's best to just encourage expansive word lists.
-Note that this means that we have top *stop* stripping non-alpha characters from words
-as we read them in!
-BTW, after all that work, when are we going to teach Enter?
First Release
+ Status message on the main screen. "You unlocked a new lesson!" for example. Eventually have the turtle 'say' it.
+ Graphical WPM and accuracy meters.