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authorGonzalo Odiard <godiard@gmail.com>2012-01-05 13:52:05 (GMT)
committer Aleksey Lim <alsroot@sugarlabs.org>2012-01-09 12:33:56 (GMT)
commit15f3fc574eefc5553f5d1b63dd06daab451ccc62 (patch)
tree5bb3e48db533df772ac22a4a8e5d7090a6ceec2a /activity
parent8336ba00cc5e2e200c6c7b677eeb09c4f18f3d6e (diff)
Remove use of hippo (1)
This patch remove the use of CanvasBox containers but does not support smiles and the links are managed by the standard gtk procedure. Smiles and links will be implemented in the next patch. Signed-by-off: Gonzalo Odiard <gonzalo@laptop.org>
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