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authorMorgan Collett <morgan.collett@gmail.com>2007-06-22 14:41:58 (GMT)
committer Morgan Collett <morgan.collett@gmail.com>2007-06-22 14:41:58 (GMT)
commit3c1a078548c458d3ccd13bd72d2278ced49800ce (patch)
tree2135576326e3bd1ae8757e11995e48e8153465ea /setup.py
parent19e99aeffc2ec8b76c56712a9e1be27fccc7bbdb (diff)
Implement a TextChannel class to make usage much easier.
Probably only applicable to Chat in this form, but this is how easy I'd like to see the PS usage for activity authors. All the telepathy stuff is moved into TextChannel.
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