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repackage of tutorius using distutils
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Tutorius is currently built around the sugar-toolkit.
-To build it simply squash the sugar-toolkit from the sugar-jhbuild with this
-one and you should have the same thing that's in the pre-built package
-located on launchpad.
-As this is a tech demo, we package tutorials directly into the activities
-(which we may not do in the near future.)
-This is a public repository: development isn't done directly here.
-If you're interested in contributing, check with us to get access to our
-internal repository
+ To run you need a recent build of sugar. We recommand builds from
+ sugar-jhbuild, but a distro packaged build may be fine too.
+ Note however that some sugar files will be patched,
+ so you may wish to use a separate installation.
+ 1. Edit the setup.cfg file to point to your sugar installation prefix.
+ For packaged releases, this is probably /usr
+ For jhbuild, this is the 'install' folder
+ 2. Run: python setup.py build
+ 3. Run: python setup.py install
+ 4. Start sugar and enjoy!
The Tutorius Team