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path: root/activity.py
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authorSai Vineet <saivineet89@gmail.com>2013-12-11 19:36:41 (GMT)
committer Sai Vineet <saivineet89@gmail.com>2013-12-11 19:36:41 (GMT)
commitd577decc9f49bac76c410a12b62e26ec582c5c81 (patch)
treee2f7d81ee6967e9563bfff4008a0467775691fda /activity.py
parent0d17137aaff76290b0f497bf10885620454f0a5a (diff)
Add a Pen tool to PhysicsHEADmaster
Also took out the Elements package from the .egg and brought it out so that it can be edited. The Export to csv functionality has also been changed to reflect pygame coords only. Previously the coords were Box2d meters.
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/activity.py b/activity.py
index eef0e36..c42f2ec 100644
--- a/activity.py
+++ b/activity.py
@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ class PhysicsActivity(activity.Activity):
clear_all_alert = ConfirmationAlert()
clear_all_alert.props.title = _('Are You Sure?')
clear_all_alert.props.msg = \
- _('All you work will be discarded. This cannot be undone!')
+ _('All your work will be discarded. This cannot be undone!')
clear_all_alert.connect('response', self.clear_all_alert_cb)