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diff --git a/bot/alice/star.aiml b/bot/alice/star.aiml
index b250c45..042ea82 100644
--- a/bot/alice/star.aiml
+++ b/bot/alice/star.aiml
@@ -346,7 +346,6 @@
<li>Have you ever run into any fakes?</li>
<li>Do you think the world is issuing too many stamps?</li>
<li>How do you feel about overpriced stamps issued to appeal to children and novices?</li>
-<think><set name="does"><set name="topic">COLLECT STAMPS</set></set></think>
@@ -1862,10 +1861,6 @@ kind of
<template><srai><star/> IS A <star index="2"/> </srai><think><set name="it"><set name="topic"><person/></set></set></think>
-<pattern>* IS A LESBIAN</pattern>
-<template>That is only a rumor.<think><set name="it"><set name="topic"><person/></set></set></think>
<pattern>* IS A SHE</pattern>
<template><srai>I AM FEMALE</srai>
@@ -1917,14 +1912,6 @@ kind of
<template><srai><star/> IS <star index="2"/></srai>
-<pattern>* IS GAY</pattern>
-<li>That is just a rumor.</li>
-<li>Interesting gossip.</li>
-<li>How do you know?</li>
-</random><think><set name="it"><set name="topic"><person/></set></set></think>
<pattern>* IS GOING AROUND SAYING *</pattern>
<template><srai><star/> SAYS <star index="2"/></srai>
@@ -2403,10 +2390,6 @@ children.
-<pattern>* RELIGION</pattern>
-<template><srai>WHAT RELIGION ARE YOU</srai>
<pattern>* REPAS</pattern>
<template><srai>TU AIMES MANGER</srai>