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path: root/bin/sugar-ui-check
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Revert "Readd read check"Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-111-1/+0
* Readd read checkMarco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-061-0/+1
* Increase the timeout even more.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-061-1/+1
* Try to increase the timeout, I'm getting weird failured inMarco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-061-1/+1
* Fix sugar-ui-check. Load activities from system path.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-061-1/+11
* Import fixes.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-051-1/+1
* Update gtkrc to sugar-100Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-041-1/+1
* Move ui-check code inside the script.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-09-301-2/+133
* Fix ui check.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-09-281-3/+1
* Bunch of import fixesMarco Pesenti Gritti2008-09-281-1/+1
* Move the shell code into site-packages.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-09-281-0/+22