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authorOwen Taylor <otaylor@redhat.com>2004-12-22 03:14:27 (GMT)
committer Owen Taylor <otaylor@src.gnome.org>2004-12-22 03:14:27 (GMT)
commit1e247284337090fd8f65e4c191652647d95a36ac (patch)
treecb0c3ba868be954c7e794a0acde03ecbbf435c92 /INSTALL
parentff8d0330fc705c931a40d07e28eb4060f1dd92f9 (diff)
Hook things up a bit, it works! (sort of)
Tue Dec 21 21:58:56 2004 Owen Taylor <otaylor@redhat.com> * pdf/xpdf/pdf-document.cc shell/ev-view.c: Hook things up a bit, it works! (sort of) * pdf/xpdf/Makefile.am pdf/xpdf/pdf-document.cc: Move to .cc since we need to use C++ in the implementation. * shell/dummy.cc: Add a CC file to force evince to be linked as a C++ program.x
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