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authorBryan Clark <clarkbw@cvs.gnome.org>2005-01-20 14:11:25 (GMT)
committer Bryan W Clark <clarkbw@src.gnome.org>2005-01-20 14:11:25 (GMT)
commit474415aebad611c804b35ca9a868e22f5b52bd34 (patch)
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Added TODO items and finished off the first todo item
2005-01-20 Bryan Clark <clarkbw@cvs.gnome.org> * TODO: Added TODO items and finished off the first todo item * AUTHORS: Updated AUTHORS section with piece from gpdf file and reflect current authors
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-Create TODO list
+Improve Find system
+ Find Next/Previous don't go to other pages
+ Find Next/Previous doesn't focus the results
+ Display location of results in thumbnails?
+ Only display thumbnails of pages found?
+Implement multi-page view for continuous page scrolling
+Improve look of combobox Thumbnails/Index
+Encrypted PDF support
+Print Page Selection (libgnomeprintui?)