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authorGil Forcada Codinachs <gforcada@src.gnome.org>2009-02-09 08:04:40 (GMT)
committer Gil Forcada Codinachs <gforcada@src.gnome.org>2009-02-09 08:04:40 (GMT)
commit3778f7343c731ade16492fba1b0a6d9c397c9854 (patch)
treef4575fca2e3db4b4237aebc1bc49024667f20237 /po
parentdbedc68c9c3390f4f8c749daa85f685923f20e17 (diff)
Added Asturian translation on behalf of Mikel González
svn path=/trunk/; revision=3423
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diff --git a/po/ChangeLog b/po/ChangeLog
index 98e492c..8df438a 100644
--- a/po/ChangeLog
+++ b/po/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2009-02-09 Gil Forcada <gforcada@gnome.org>
+ * ast.po: Added Asturian translation on behalf of Mikel González.
+ * LINGUAS: Added ast.
2009-02-07 Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au>
* vi.po: Updated Vietnamese translation.
diff --git a/po/LINGUAS b/po/LINGUAS
index ed2e65b..f91870c 100644
--- a/po/LINGUAS
+++ b/po/LINGUAS
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
# please keep this list sorted alphabetically
diff --git a/po/ast.po b/po/ast.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..6d86fc3
--- /dev/null
+++ b/po/ast.po
@@ -0,0 +1,1420 @@
+# Asturian translation for evince
+# Copyright (c) 2008 Rosetta Contributors and Canonical Ltd 2008
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the evince package.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: evince\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2009-02-09 09:03+0100\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-02-04 02:52+0100\n"
+"Last-Translator: Mikel González <dangerous_piper@softastur.org>\n"
+"Language-Team: Asturian <ast@li.org>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;\n"
+"X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2009-02-04 01:44+0000\n"
+"X-Generator: Launchpad (build Unknown)\n"
+#: ../backend/comics/comics-document.c:162
+msgid "File corrupted."
+msgstr "Ficheru corruptu."
+#: ../backend/comics/comics-document.c:196
+#, c-format
+msgid "No images found in archive %s"
+msgstr "Nun s'alcontraron imáxenes nel ficheru %s"
+#: ../backend/comics/comicsdocument.evince-backend.in.h:1
+msgid "Comic Books"
+msgstr "Llibros de cómics"
+#: ../backend/djvu/djvu-document.c:247
+msgid ""
+"The document is composed by several files. One or more of such files cannot "
+"be accessed."
+msgstr ""
+"El documentu ta ensamáu de dellos archivos. Nun se pue acceder a úno o más "
+#: ../backend/djvu/djvudocument.evince-backend.in.h:1
+msgid "Djvu Documents"
+msgstr "Documentos Djvu"
+#: ../backend/dvi/dvi-document.c:96
+msgid "File not available"
+msgstr "Ficheru non disponible"
+#: ../backend/dvi/dvi-document.c:112
+msgid "DVI document has incorrect format"
+msgstr "El documentu DVI tien un formatu incorreutu"
+#: ../backend/dvi/dvidocument.evince-backend.in.h:1
+msgid "DVI Documents"
+msgstr "Documentos DVI"
+#. translators: this is the document security state
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:697
+msgid "Yes"
+msgstr "Sí"
+#. translators: this is the document security state
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:700
+msgid "No"
+msgstr "Non"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:774
+msgid "Type 1"
+msgstr "Tipu 1"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:776
+msgid "Type 1C"
+msgstr "Tipu 1C"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:778
+msgid "Type 3"
+msgstr "Tipu 3"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:780
+msgid "TrueType"
+msgstr "TrueType"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:782
+msgid "Type 1 (CID)"
+msgstr "Tipu 1 (CID)"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:784
+msgid "Type 1C (CID)"
+msgstr "Tipu 1C (CID)"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:786
+msgid "TrueType (CID)"
+msgstr "TrueType (CID)"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:788
+msgid "Unknown font type"
+msgstr "Tipu de fonte desconocía"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:814
+msgid "No name"
+msgstr "Ensin nome"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:822
+msgid "Embedded subset"
+msgstr "Subconxuntu incrustáu"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:824
+msgid "Embedded"
+msgstr "Incrustáu"
+#: ../backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:826
+msgid "Not embedded"
+msgstr "Non incrustáu"
+#: ../backend/pdf/pdfdocument.evince-backend.in.h:1
+msgid "PDF Documents"
+msgstr "Documentos PDF"
+#: ../backend/impress/impress-document.c:297
+msgid "Remote files aren't supported"
+msgstr "Los ficheros remotos nun tán sofitaos"
+#: ../backend/impress/impress-document.c:308
+msgid "Invalid document"
+msgstr "Documentu non válidu"
+#. * vim: sw=2 ts=8 cindent noai bs=2
+#: ../backend/impress/impressdocument.evince-backend.in.h:1
+msgid "Impress Slides"
+msgstr "Diapositives Impress"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:53
+msgid "No error"
+msgstr "Ensin errores"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:56
+msgid "Not enough memory"
+msgstr "Nun hai bastante memoria"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:59
+msgid "Cannot find zip signature"
+msgstr "Nun se pue alcontrar la robla zip"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:62
+msgid "Invalid zip file"
+msgstr "Ficheru zip inválidu"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:65
+msgid "Multi file zips are not supported"
+msgstr "Los zips multiarchivu nun tán sofitaos"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:68
+msgid "Cannot open the file"
+msgstr "Nun se pue abrir el ficheru"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:71
+msgid "Cannot read data from file"
+msgstr "Nun se puen lleer los datos del ficheru"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:74
+msgid "Cannot find file in the zip archive"
+msgstr "Nun se pue alcontrar el ficheru nel archivador zip"
+#: ../backend/impress/zip.c:77
+msgid "Unknown error"
+msgstr "Error desconocíu"
+#: ../backend/ps/ev-spectre.c:113
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to load document “%s”"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo cargar el documentu «%s»"
+#: ../backend/ps/ev-spectre.c:146
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to save document “%s”"
+msgstr "Fallu al guardar el documentu «%s»"
+#: ../backend/ps/psdocument.evince-backend.in.h:1
+msgid "PostScript Documents"
+msgstr "Documentos PostScript"
+#: ../libdocument/ev-attachment.c:304 ../libdocument/ev-attachment.c:325
+#, c-format
+msgid "Couldn't save attachment “%s”: %s"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo guardar l'axuntu «%s»: %s"
+#: ../libdocument/ev-attachment.c:373
+#, c-format
+msgid "Couldn't open attachment “%s”: %s"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo abrir l'axuntu «%s»: %s"
+#: ../libdocument/ev-attachment.c:408
+#, c-format
+msgid "Couldn't open attachment “%s”"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo abrir l'axuntu «%s»"
+#: ../libdocument/ev-document-factory.c:127
+#: ../libdocument/ev-document-factory.c:248
+msgid "Unknown MIME Type"
+msgstr "Tipu MIME desconocíu"
+#: ../libdocument/ev-document-factory.c:147
+#, c-format
+msgid "File type %s (%s) is not supported"
+msgstr "El tipu de ficheru %s (%s) nun ta sofitáu"
+#: ../libdocument/ev-document-factory.c:303
+msgid "All Documents"
+msgstr "Tolos documentos"
+#: ../libdocument/ev-document-factory.c:335
+msgid "All Files"
+msgstr "Tolos Ficheros"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:439
+msgid "Co_nnect"
+msgstr "Co_neutar"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:483
+msgid "Connect _anonymously"
+msgstr "Coneutar _anónimamente"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:492
+msgid "Connect as u_ser:"
+msgstr "Coneutar como u_suariu:"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:529
+msgid "_Username:"
+msgstr "_Usuariu:"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:533
+msgid "_Domain:"
+msgstr "_Dominiu:"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:538
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:332
+msgid "_Password:"
+msgstr "_Contraseña:"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:553
+msgid "_Forget password immediately"
+msgstr "_Escaecer clave darréu"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:561
+msgid "_Remember password until you logout"
+msgstr "_Remembrar clave fasta te desconeutes"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/evmountoperation/ev-mount-operation.c:569
+msgid "_Remember forever"
+msgstr "_Remembrar siempres"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggdesktopfile.c:165
+#, c-format
+msgid "File is not a valid .desktop file"
+msgstr "El ficheru nun ye un ficheru .desktop válidu"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggdesktopfile.c:188
+#, c-format
+msgid "Unrecognized desktop file Version '%s'"
+msgstr "Versión '%s' del ficheru desktop non reconocida"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggdesktopfile.c:958
+#, c-format
+msgid "Starting %s"
+msgstr "Entamando %s"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggdesktopfile.c:1100
+#, c-format
+msgid "Application does not accept documents on command line"
+msgstr "L'aplicación nun aceuta documentos na llinia de comandos"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggdesktopfile.c:1168
+#, c-format
+msgid "Unrecognized launch option: %d"
+msgstr "Opción de llanzamientu non reconocida: %d"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggdesktopfile.c:1373
+#, c-format
+msgid "Can't pass document URIs to a 'Type=Link' desktop entry"
+msgstr ""
+"Nun se puen pasar los URIs de documentos a entraes d'escritoriu 'Type=Link'"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggdesktopfile.c:1392
+#, c-format
+msgid "Not a launchable item"
+msgstr "Nun ye un elementu llanzable"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggsmclient.c:224
+msgid "Disable connection to session manager"
+msgstr "Desactivar la conexón al remanador de sesiones"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggsmclient.c:227
+msgid "Specify file containing saved configuration"
+msgstr "Especificar el ficheru que contién la configuración guardada"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggsmclient.c:227
+msgid "FILE"
+msgstr "FICHERU"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggsmclient.c:230
+msgid "Specify session management ID"
+msgstr "Especificar la ID del remanamientu de sesión"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggsmclient.c:230
+msgid "ID"
+msgstr "ID"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggsmclient.c:244
+msgid "Session management options:"
+msgstr "Opciones de remanamientu de la sesión:"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/smclient/eggsmclient.c:245
+msgid "Show session management options"
+msgstr "Ver les opciones de remanamientu de la sesión:"
+#. Translaters: This string is for a toggle to display a toolbar.
+#. * The name of the toolbar is automatically computed from the widgets
+#. * on the toolbar, and is placed at the %s. Note the _ before the %s
+#. * which is used to add mnemonics. We know that this is likely to
+#. * produce duplicates, but don't worry about it. If your language
+#. * normally has a mnemonic at the start, please use the _. If not,
+#. * please remove.
+#: ../cut-n-paste/toolbar-editor/egg-editable-toolbar.c:918
+#, c-format
+msgid "Show “_%s”"
+msgstr "Amosar «_%s»"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/toolbar-editor/egg-editable-toolbar.c:1381
+msgid "_Move on Toolbar"
+msgstr "_Mover a la barra de ferramientes"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/toolbar-editor/egg-editable-toolbar.c:1382
+msgid "Move the selected item on the toolbar"
+msgstr "Mueve l'elementu seleicionáu a la barra de ferramientes"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/toolbar-editor/egg-editable-toolbar.c:1383
+msgid "_Remove from Toolbar"
+msgstr "_Quitar de la barra de ferramientes"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/toolbar-editor/egg-editable-toolbar.c:1384
+msgid "Remove the selected item from the toolbar"
+msgstr "Quita l'elementu seleicionáu de la barra de ferramientes"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/toolbar-editor/egg-editable-toolbar.c:1385
+msgid "_Delete Toolbar"
+msgstr "_Esaniciar barra de ferramientes"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/toolbar-editor/egg-editable-toolbar.c:1386
+msgid "Remove the selected toolbar"
+msgstr "Esaniciar la barra de ferramientes seleicionada"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/toolbar-editor/egg-toolbar-editor.c:485
+msgid "Separator"
+msgstr "Separtador"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/totem-screensaver/totem-scrsaver.c:117
+msgid "Running in presentation mode"
+msgstr "Executar en mou presentación"
+#. translators: this is the label for toolbar button
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:48 ../shell/ev-window.c:5282
+msgid "Best Fit"
+msgstr "Axuste óptimu"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:49
+msgid "Fit Page Width"
+msgstr "Axustar al anchu de páxina"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:51
+msgid "50%"
+msgstr "50%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:52
+msgid "70%"
+msgstr "70%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:53
+msgid "85%"
+msgstr "85%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:54
+msgid "100%"
+msgstr "100%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:55
+msgid "125%"
+msgstr "125%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:56
+msgid "150%"
+msgstr "150%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:57
+msgid "175%"
+msgstr "175%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:58
+msgid "200%"
+msgstr "200%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:59
+msgid "300%"
+msgstr "300%"
+#: ../cut-n-paste/zoom-control/ephy-zoom.h:60
+msgid "400%"
+msgstr "400%"
+#: ../data/evince.desktop.in.in.h:1 ../shell/ev-window.c:4260
+#: ../shell/ev-window-title.c:149
+#, c-format
+msgid "Document Viewer"
+msgstr "Visor de documentos"
+#: ../data/evince.desktop.in.in.h:2
+msgid "View multipage documents"
+msgstr "Vea documentos multipáxina"
+#: ../data/evince.schemas.in.h:1
+msgid "Override document restrictions"
+msgstr "Saltase les restricciones del documentu"
+#: ../data/evince.schemas.in.h:2
+msgid "Override document restrictions, like restriction to copy or to print."
+msgstr ""
+"Saltase les restricciones del documentu, como restricción pa copiar o "
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-main.c:113
+msgid "Document"
+msgstr "Documentu"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:59
+msgid "Title"
+msgstr "Títulu"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:60
+msgid "Location"
+msgstr "Llocalización"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:61
+msgid "Subject"
+msgstr "Asuntu"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:62
+msgid "Author"
+msgstr "Autor"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:63
+msgid "Keywords"
+msgstr "Pallabres clave"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:64
+msgid "Producer"
+msgstr "Productor"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:65
+msgid "Creator"
+msgstr "Criador"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:66
+msgid "Created"
+msgstr "Criáu"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:67
+msgid "Modified"
+msgstr "Modificáu"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:68
+msgid "Number of Pages"
+msgstr "Númberu de páxines"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:69
+msgid "Optimized"
+msgstr "Optimizáu"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:70
+msgid "Format"
+msgstr "Formatu"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:71
+msgid "Security"
+msgstr "Seguridá"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:72
+msgid "Paper Size"
+msgstr "Tamañu Papel"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:202
+msgid "None"
+msgstr "Dengún"
+#. Translate to the default units to use for presenting
+#. * lengths to the user. Translate to default:inch if you
+#. * want inches, otherwise translate to default:mm.
+#. * Do *not* translate it to "predefinito:mm", if it
+#. * it isn't default:mm or default:inch it will not work
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:227
+msgid "default:mm"
+msgstr "default:mm"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:271
+#, c-format
+msgid "%.0f x %.0f mm"
+msgstr "%.0f x %.0f mm"
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:275
+#, c-format
+msgid "%.2f x %.2f inch"
+msgstr "%.2f x %.2f pulgaes"
+#. Note to translators: first placeholder is the paper name (eg.
+#. * A4), second placeholder is the paper size (eg. 297x210 mm)
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:299
+#, c-format
+msgid "%s, Portrait (%s)"
+msgstr "%s, vertical (%s)"
+#. Note to translators: first placeholder is the paper name (eg.
+#. * A4), second placeholder is the paper size (eg. 297x210 mm)
+#: ../properties/ev-properties-view.c:306
+#, c-format
+msgid "%s, Landscape (%s)"
+msgstr "%s, apaisáu (%s)"
+#: ../libview/ev-jobs.c:949
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to create file “%s”: %s"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo criar el ficheru «%s»: %s"
+#: ../libview/ev-view-accessible.c:41
+msgid "Scroll Up"
+msgstr "Desplazar arriba"
+#: ../libview/ev-view-accessible.c:42
+msgid "Scroll Down"
+msgstr "Desplazar abaxo"
+#: ../libview/ev-view-accessible.c:48
+msgid "Scroll View Up"
+msgstr "Desplaza la vista arriba"
+#: ../libview/ev-view-accessible.c:49
+msgid "Scroll View Down"
+msgstr "Desplaza la vista abaxo"
+#: ../libview/ev-view-accessible.c:533
+msgid "Document View"
+msgstr "Vista de documentu"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1417
+msgid "Go to first page"
+msgstr "Dir a la primer páxina"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1419
+msgid "Go to previous page"
+msgstr "Dir a la páxina anterior"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1421
+msgid "Go to next page"
+msgstr "Dir a la páxina siguiente"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1423
+msgid "Go to last page"
+msgstr "Dir a la cabera páxina"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1425
+msgid "Go to page"
+msgstr "Dir a la páxina"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1427
+msgid "Find"
+msgstr "Alcontrar"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1455
+#, c-format
+msgid "Go to page %s"
+msgstr "Dir a la páxina %s"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1461
+#, c-format
+msgid "Go to %s on file “%s”"
+msgstr "Dir a %s nel ficheru «%s»"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1464
+#, c-format
+msgid "Go to file “%s”"
+msgstr "Dir al ficheru «%s»"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:1472
+#, c-format
+msgid "Launch %s"
+msgstr "Llanzar %s"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:2387
+msgid "End of presentation. Press Escape to exit."
+msgstr "Fin de la presentación. Calque Escape pa colar"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:3278
+msgid "Jump to page:"
+msgstr "Saltar a la páxina:"
+#: ../libview/ev-view.c:3541 ../shell/ev-sidebar-layers.c:125
+#: ../shell/ev-sidebar-links.c:267
+msgid "Loading..."
+msgstr "Cargando..."
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:146
+msgid "Search string"
+msgstr "Guetar cadena"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:147
+msgid "The name of the string to be found"
+msgstr "Nome de la cadena a guetar"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:160
+msgid "Case sensitive"
+msgstr "Coincidir con capitalización"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:161
+msgid "TRUE for a case sensitive search"
+msgstr "BRAERO pa una gueta sensible a les mayúscules"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:168
+msgid "Highlight color"
+msgstr "Color de resaltáu"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:169
+msgid "Color of highlight for all matches"
+msgstr "Color de resaltáu pa toles coincidencies"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:175
+msgid "Current color"
+msgstr "Color autual"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:176
+msgid "Color of highlight for the current match"
+msgstr "Color de resaltáu pa la coincidencia autual"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:320
+msgid "Find:"
+msgstr "Guetar:"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:329 ../shell/ev-window.c:5016
+msgid "Find Pre_vious"
+msgstr "Atopar Anter_ior"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:332
+msgid "Find previous occurrence of the search string"
+msgstr "Guetar l'apaición anterior de la cadena"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:336 ../shell/ev-window.c:5014
+msgid "Find Ne_xt"
+msgstr "Atopar Sig_uiente"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:339
+msgid "Find next occurrence of the search string"
+msgstr "Guetar la siguiente apaición de la cadena"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:346
+msgid "C_ase Sensitive"
+msgstr "Sensible _a Mayús/minúscules"
+#: ../shell/eggfindbar.c:349
+msgid "Toggle case sensitive search"
+msgstr "Conmutar gueta discriminando capitalización"
+#: ../shell/ev-keyring.c:102
+#, c-format
+msgid "Password for document %s"
+msgstr "Contraseña pal documentu %s"
+#: ../shell/ev-open-recent-action.c:72
+msgid "Open a recently used document"
+msgstr "Abrir un documentu recién usáu"
+#: ../shell/ev-page-action.c:76
+#, c-format
+msgid "(%d of %d)"
+msgstr "(%d de %d)"
+#: ../shell/ev-page-action.c:78
+#, c-format
+msgid "of %d"
+msgstr "de %d"
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:144
+msgid ""
+"This document is locked and can only be read by entering the correct "
+msgstr ""
+"Esti documentu ta bloquiáu y namái pue lleese introduciendo la contraseña "
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:153 ../shell/ev-password-view.c:269
+msgid "_Unlock Document"
+msgstr "_Desbloquiar documentu"
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:261
+msgid "Enter password"
+msgstr "Introduza la contraseña"
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:301
+msgid "Password required"
+msgstr "Necesítase contraseña"
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:302
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"The document “%s” is locked and requires a password before it can be opened."
+msgstr ""
+"El documentu «%s» ta bloquiáu y requier d'una contraseña enantes de poder "
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:365
+msgid "Forget password _immediately"
+msgstr "Escaecer la contraseña _darréu"
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:377
+msgid "Remember password until you _logout"
+msgstr "Remembrar la contraseña hasta que _salgas de la sesión"
+#: ../shell/ev-password-view.c:389
+msgid "Remember _forever"
+msgstr "Remembrar pa _siempre"
+#. Initial state
+#: ../shell/ev-print-operation.c:318
+msgid "Preparing to print ..."
+msgstr "Tresnándose pa imprentar..."
+#: ../shell/ev-print-operation.c:320
+msgid "Finishing..."
+msgstr "Finando..."
+#: ../shell/ev-print-operation.c:322
+#, c-format
+msgid "Printing page %d of %d..."
+msgstr "Imprentando páxina %d de %d…"
+#: ../shell/ev-print-operation.c:1010
+msgid "Printing is not supported on this printer."
+msgstr "La impresión nun ta sofitada con esta imprentadora."
+#: ../shell/ev-print-operation.c:1136 ../shell/ev-window.c:5067
+msgid "Print"
+msgstr "Imprentar"
+#: ../shell/ev-properties-dialog.c:57
+msgid "Properties"
+msgstr "Propiedaes"
+#: ../shell/ev-properties-dialog.c:91
+msgid "General"
+msgstr "Xeneral"
+#: ../shell/ev-properties-dialog.c:101
+msgid "Fonts"
+msgstr "Fontes"
+#: ../shell/ev-properties-fonts.c:135
+msgid "Font"
+msgstr "Fonte"
+#: ../shell/ev-properties-fonts.c:162
+#, c-format
+msgid "Gathering font information... %3d%%"
+msgstr "Obteniendo información tipográfica… %3d%%"
+#: ../shell/ev-sidebar-attachments.c:697
+msgid "Attachments"
+msgstr "Axuntos"
+#: ../shell/ev-sidebar-layers.c:395
+msgid "Layers"
+msgstr "Capes"
+#: ../shell/ev-sidebar-links.c:340
+msgid "Print..."
+msgstr "Imprentar…"
+#: ../shell/ev-sidebar-links.c:720
+msgid "Index"
+msgstr "Índiz"
+#: ../shell/ev-sidebar-thumbnails.c:751
+msgid "Thumbnails"
+msgstr "Miniatures"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:843
+#, c-format
+msgid "Page %s - %s"
+msgstr "Páxina %s - %s"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:845
+#, c-format
+msgid "Page %s"
+msgstr "Páxina %s"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:1267
+msgid "The document contains no pages"
+msgstr "El documentu nun contién denguna páxina"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:1490 ../shell/ev-window.c:1635
+msgid "Unable to open document"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo abrir el documentu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:1609
+#, c-format
+msgid "Loading document from %s"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:1747 ../shell/ev-window.c:1940
+#, c-format
+msgid "Downloading document (%d%%)"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:1886
+#, c-format
+msgid "Reloading document from %s"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:1919
+msgid "Failed to reload document."
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2058
+msgid "Open Document"
+msgstr "Abrir documentu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2119
+#, c-format
+msgid "Couldn't create symlink “%s”: %s"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo criar l'enllaz simbólicu «%s»: %s"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2148
+msgid "Cannot open a copy."
+msgstr "Nun se pue abrir una copia."
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2388
+#, c-format
+msgid "Saving document to %s"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2391
+#, c-format
+msgid "Saving attachment to %s"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2394
+#, c-format
+msgid "Saving image to %s"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2439 ../shell/ev-window.c:2536
+#, c-format
+msgid "The file could not be saved as “%s”."
+msgstr "El ficheru nun se pudo atroxar como «%s»."
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2467
+#, c-format
+msgid "Uploading document (%d%%)"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2471
+#, c-format
+msgid "Uploading attachment (%d%%)"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2475
+#, c-format
+msgid "Uploading image (%d%%)"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2582
+msgid "Save a Copy"
+msgstr "Guardar una copia"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2785
+#, c-format
+msgid "%d pending job in queue"
+msgid_plural "%d pending jobs in queue"
+msgstr[0] ""
+msgstr[1] ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2841 ../shell/ev-window.c:3951
+msgid "Failed to print document"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo imprentar el documento"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:2898
+#, c-format
+msgid "Printing job “%s”"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:3095
+#, c-format
+msgid "Wait until print job “%s” finishes before closing?"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:3098
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"There are %d print jobs active. Wait until print finishes before closing?"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:3110
+msgid "If you close the window, pending print jobs will not be printed."
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:3114
+msgid "Cancel _print and Close"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:3118
+msgid "Close _after Printing"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:3721
+msgid "Toolbar Editor"
+msgstr "Editor de la barra de ferramientes"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:3853
+msgid "There was an error displaying help"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4256
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"Document Viewer.\n"
+"Using poppler %s (%s)"
+msgstr ""
+"Visor de documentos.\n"
+"Usando poppler %s (%s)"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4284
+msgid ""
+"Evince is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the "
+"terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software "
+"Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later "
+msgstr ""
+"Evince ye software llibre; pue redistribuyilu y/o camudalu baxo los términos "
+"de la Llicencia Pública Xeneral de GNU asoleyada pola Free Software "
+"Foundation; ya seya na so versión 2 ó (al so criteriu) nuna versión "
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4288
+msgid ""
+"Evince is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY "
+"WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS "
+"FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more "
+msgstr ""
+"Evince distribúise col enfotu de que seya útil, pero ENSIN GARANTÍA; ensin "
+"nenguna garantía implícita de COMERCIALIDÁ o IDONEIDÁ PA UN FIN DETERMINÁU. "
+"Adique la Llicencia General GNU pa más detáis.\n"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4292
+msgid ""
+"You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with "
+"Evince; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple "
+"Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA\n"
+msgstr ""
+"Tendría d'haber recibío una copia de la Llicencia Pública Xeneral de GNU "
+"xunto con Evince; si nun ye'l casu, escriba a Free Software Foundation, "
+"Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 EE. UU.\n"
+#. Manually set name and icon in win32
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4316 ../shell/main.c:382
+msgid "Evince"
+msgstr "Evince"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4319
+msgid "© 1996-2007 The Evince authors"
+msgstr "© 1996-2007 Los autores d'Evince"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4325
+msgid "translator-credits"
+msgstr ""
+"Launchpad Contributions:\n"
+" Astur https://launchpad.net/~malditoastur"
+#. TRANS: Sometimes this could be better translated as
+#. "%d hit(s) on this page". Therefore this string
+#. contains plural cases.
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4543
+#, c-format
+msgid "%d found on this page"
+msgid_plural "%d found on this page"
+msgstr[0] "%d alcontráu nesta páxina"
+msgstr[1] "%d alcontraos nesta páxina"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4551
+#, c-format
+msgid "%3d%% remaining to search"
+msgstr "%3d%% restante p'alcontrar"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4979
+msgid "_File"
+msgstr "_Ficheru"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4980
+msgid "_Edit"
+msgstr "_Editar"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4981
+msgid "_View"
+msgstr "_Ver"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4982
+msgid "_Go"
+msgstr "_Dir"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4983
+msgid "_Help"
+msgstr "_Aida"
+#. File menu
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4986 ../shell/ev-window.c:5165
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5244
+msgid "_Open..."
+msgstr "_Abrir..."
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4987 ../shell/ev-window.c:5245
+msgid "Open an existing document"
+msgstr "Abre un documentu esistente"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4989
+msgid "Op_en a Copy"
+msgstr "A_brir una copia"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4990
+msgid "Open a copy of the current document in a new window"
+msgstr "Abre una copia del documentu autual nuna ventana nueva"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4992 ../shell/ev-window.c:5167
+msgid "_Save a Copy..."
+msgstr "_Guardar una copia…"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4993
+msgid "Save a copy of the current document"
+msgstr "Guarda una copia del documentu autual"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4995
+msgid "Print Set_up..."
+msgstr "Configuración d'imprentación…"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4996
+msgid "Setup the page settings for printing"
+msgstr "Configura los axustes de páxina pa imprentación"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4998
+msgid "_Print..."
+msgstr "Im_prentar..."
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:4999 ../shell/ev-window.c:5068
+msgid "Print this document"
+msgstr "Imprenta esti documentu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5001
+msgid "P_roperties"
+msgstr "P_ropiedaes"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5009
+msgid "Select _All"
+msgstr "Seleicion_ar too"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5011
+msgid "_Find..."
+msgstr "_Guetar..."
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5012
+msgid "Find a word or phrase in the document"
+msgstr "Guetar una pallabra o fras nel documentu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5018
+msgid "T_oolbar"
+msgstr "_Barra de ferramientes"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5020
+msgid "Rotate _Left"
+msgstr "Xirar a la _esquierda"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5022
+msgid "Rotate _Right"
+msgstr "Xirar a la d_recha"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5027
+msgid "Enlarge the document"
+msgstr "Ampliar el documentu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5030
+msgid "Shrink the document"
+msgstr "Amenorgar el documentu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5032
+msgid "_Reload"
+msgstr "_Recargar"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5033
+msgid "Reload the document"
+msgstr "Recarga'l documentu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5036
+msgid "Auto_scroll"
+msgstr "Autode_splazar"
+#. Go menu
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5040
+msgid "_Previous Page"
+msgstr "_Páxina anterior"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5041
+msgid "Go to the previous page"
+msgstr "Dir a la páxina anterior"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5043
+msgid "_Next Page"
+msgstr "Páxi_na Siguiente"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5044
+msgid "Go to the next page"
+msgstr "Dir a la páxina siguiente"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5046
+msgid "_First Page"
+msgstr "_Primera"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5047
+msgid "Go to the first page"
+msgstr "Dir a la primer páxina"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5049
+msgid "_Last Page"
+msgstr "C_abera"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5050
+msgid "Go to the last page"
+msgstr "Dir a la cabera páxina"
+#. Help menu
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5054
+msgid "_Contents"
+msgstr "_Conteníos"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5057
+msgid "_About"
+msgstr "Tocante _a"
+#. Toolbar-only
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5061
+msgid "Leave Fullscreen"
+msgstr "Salir de Pantalla completa"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5062
+msgid "Leave fullscreen mode"
+msgstr "Dexar mou pantalla completa"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5064
+msgid "Start Presentation"
+msgstr "Entamar presentación"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5065
+msgid "Start a presentation"
+msgstr "Entamar una presentación"
+#. View Menu
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5121
+msgid "_Toolbar"
+msgstr "_Barra Ferramientes"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5122
+msgid "Show or hide the toolbar"
+msgstr "Amuesa o escuende la barra de ferramientes"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5124
+msgid "Side _Pane"
+msgstr "Barra _Llateral"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5125
+msgid "Show or hide the side pane"
+msgstr "Amuesa o escuende'l panel llateral"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5127
+msgid "_Continuous"
+msgstr "_Continu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5128
+msgid "Show the entire document"
+msgstr "Amosar el documentu completo"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5130
+msgid "_Dual"
+msgstr "_Dual"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5131
+msgid "Show two pages at once"
+msgstr "Amoar dos páxinas al empar"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5133
+msgid "_Fullscreen"
+msgstr "_Pantalla completa:"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5134
+msgid "Expand the window to fill the screen"
+msgstr "Enantar la ventana hasta llenar la pantalla"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5136
+msgid "Pre_sentation"
+msgstr "Pre_sentación"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5137
+msgid "Run document as a presentation"
+msgstr "Ver el documentu como una presentación"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5139
+msgid "_Best Fit"
+msgstr "Axus_te óptimu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5140
+msgid "Make the current document fill the window"
+msgstr "Fai que'l documentu autual enllene la ventana"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5142
+msgid "Fit Page _Width"
+msgstr "Axustar al a_nchu de páxina"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5143
+msgid "Make the current document fill the window width"
+msgstr "Fai que'l documentu autual enllene l'anchor de la ventana"
+#. Links
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5150
+msgid "_Open Link"
+msgstr "_Abrir enllaz"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5152
+msgid "_Go To"
+msgstr "_Dir a"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5154
+msgid "Open in New _Window"
+msgstr "Abrir nuna _ventana nueva"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5156
+msgid "_Copy Link Address"
+msgstr "_Copiar direición del enllaz"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5158
+msgid "_Save Image As..."
+msgstr "Guardar imaxe _como..."
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5160
+msgid "Copy _Image"
+msgstr "Copiar _imaxe"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5206
+msgid "Page"
+msgstr "Páxina"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5207
+msgid "Select Page"
+msgstr "Seleicione la páxina"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5218
+msgid "Zoom"
+msgstr "Zoom"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5220
+msgid "Adjust the zoom level"
+msgstr "Axustar el nivel d'ampliación"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5230
+msgid "Navigation"
+msgstr "Ñavegación"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5232
+msgid "Back"
+msgstr "Volver"
+#. translators: this is the history action
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5235
+msgid "Move across visited pages"
+msgstr "Movese a traviés de les páxines visitaes"
+#. translators: this is the label for toolbar button
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5265
+msgid "Previous"
+msgstr "Previu"
+#. translators: this is the label for toolbar button
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5270
+msgid "Next"
+msgstr "Siguiente"
+#. translators: this is the label for toolbar button
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5274
+msgid "Zoom In"
+msgstr "Enantar zoom"
+#. translators: this is the label for toolbar button
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5278
+msgid "Zoom Out"
+msgstr "Amenorgar zoom"
+#. translators: this is the label for toolbar button
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5286
+msgid "Fit Width"
+msgstr "Axustar anchor"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5453 ../shell/ev-window.c:5471
+msgid "Unable to launch external application."
+msgstr ""
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5514
+msgid "Unable to open external link"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo abrir l'enllaz esternu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5670
+msgid "Couldn't find appropriate format to save image"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo alcontrar el formatu afayaízu p'atroxar la imaxe"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5709
+msgid "The image could not be saved."
+msgstr "La imaxe nun se pudo atroxar."
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5741
+msgid "Save Image"
+msgstr "Guardar imaxe"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5803
+msgid "Unable to open attachment"
+msgstr "Nun se pudo abrir l'axuntu"
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5854
+msgid "The attachment could not be saved."
+msgstr "L'axuntu nun se pudo guardar."
+#: ../shell/ev-window.c:5899
+msgid "Save Attachment"
+msgstr "Guardar axuntos"
+#: ../shell/ev-window-title.c:162
+#, c-format
+msgid "%s - Password Required"
+msgstr "%s - Requierse una contraseña"
+#: ../shell/ev-utils.c:330
+msgid "By extension"
+msgstr "Per estensión"
+#: ../shell/main.c:59 ../shell/main.c:347
+msgid "GNOME Document Viewer"
+msgstr "Visor de documentos de Gnome"
+#: ../shell/main.c:67
+msgid "The page of the document to display."
+msgstr "La páxina del documentu a amosar."
+#: ../shell/main.c:67
+msgid "PAGE"
+msgstr "PÁXINA"
+#: ../shell/main.c:68
+msgid "Run evince in fullscreen mode"
+msgstr "Executar Evince en mou pantalla completa"
+#: ../shell/main.c:69
+msgid "Run evince in presentation mode"
+msgstr "Executar Evince en mou presentación"
+#: ../shell/main.c:70
+msgid "Run evince as a previewer"
+msgstr "Executar Evince como un previsualizador"
+#: ../shell/main.c:71
+msgid "The word or phrase to find in the document"
+msgstr "La pallabra o fras que guetar nel documentu"
+#: ../shell/main.c:71
+msgid "STRING"
+msgstr "CADENA"
+#: ../shell/main.c:75
+msgid "[FILE...]"
+msgstr "[FICHERU…]"
+#: ../thumbnailer/evince-thumbnailer.schemas.in.h:1
+msgid ""
+"Boolean options available, true enables thumbnailing and false disables the "
+"creation of new thumbnails"
+msgstr ""
+"Hai opciones Booleanas, braero habilita entever, y falso deshabilita la "
+"criación de nueves vistes en miniatura"
+#: ../thumbnailer/evince-thumbnailer.schemas.in.h:2
+msgid "Enable thumbnailing of PDF Documents"
+msgstr "Activar miniatures de documentos PDF"
+#: ../thumbnailer/evince-thumbnailer.schemas.in.h:3
+msgid "Thumbnail command for PDF Documents"
+msgstr "Comandu pa sacar les miniatures pa los documentos PDF"
+#: ../thumbnailer/evince-thumbnailer.schemas.in.h:4
+msgid ""
+"Valid command plus arguments for the PDF Document thumbnailer. See nautilus "
+"thumbnailer documentation for more information."
+msgstr ""
+"Comandu válidu y argumentos pal miniaturizador de documentos PDF. Llea la "
+"documentación pal miniaturizador de Nautilus pa más información."
+#~ msgid "Find Previous"
+#~ msgstr "Guetar anterior"
+#~ msgid "Find Next"
+#~ msgstr "Guetar siguiente"