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path: root/backend/ps
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* [build] Automatically keep .gitignore files updatedChristian Persch2009-10-211-0/+24
* Convert EvDocument interface into an abstract classCarlos Garcia Campos2009-09-151-22/+16
* Add EV_INTLTOOL_EVINCE_BACKEND_RULEChristian Persch2009-08-161-3/+2
* Include gi18n-lib.h instead of gi18n.h.Christian Persch2009-02-041-1/+1
* Bug 569082 – use versioned directory for backendsChristian Persch2009-01-251-2/+0
* Renamed from evince-backend.pc.in. Renamed library to libevdocument.la.Christian Persch2009-01-251-2/+3
* Bug 558066 – format not a string literal and no format argumentsChristian Persch2008-10-271-1/+1
* Add EvPage so that we can hold a reference to the backend page. FormCarlos Garcia Campos2008-04-141-22/+25
* Remove gs stuff from ps backend.Carlos Garcia Campos2008-04-1212-4028/+3
* Do not crash when thumbnail failed to render in PS backend. Fixes bugCarlos Garcia Campos2008-04-011-0/+5
* Make ps backend module resident. Fixes bug #520607.Carlos Garcia Campos2008-03-181-0/+1
* Use g_type_module_add_interface instead of g_type_add_interface_static.Carlos Garcia Campos2008-03-032-10/+10
* Fixes distcheck issuesNickolay V. Shmyrev2008-01-281-1/+1
* Bump requirements to libspectre 0.2.0. Fixes bug #507705.Carlos Garcia Campos2008-01-131-1/+3
* Include config.h. Bug #504721.Christian Persch2007-12-283-0/+3
* Plugin system for backends. Fixes bug #351348.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-12-286-14/+42
* Use libspectre, if available, for the ps backend. Fixes bugs #317106,Carlos Garcia Campos2007-12-203-1/+513
* Add support for double and triple click selections.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-08-311-7/+0
* Use capabilities to know which options should be offered by the printCarlos Garcia Campos2007-07-261-18/+13
* Fixes FIXME after freezeNickolay V. Shmyrev2007-05-141-2/+2
* Add missing ulong definition. Add missing headers. Fix compilation onCarlos Garcia Campos2007-05-141-0/+2
* Use an EvRenderContext for rendering thumbnails instead of a suggestedCarlos Garcia Campos2007-02-161-24/+15
* Handle PostScript page orientation. Fixes bug #318568.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-02-132-5/+47
* Add support for thumbnails in ps backend. Fixes bug #164755.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-02-137-821/+1139
* Check return value of psscan before trying to use it. Fixes bug #372414.Tom Parker2007-02-111-38/+37
* Fix memory leak.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-02-051-1/+4
* Support for PDF, PS and EPS compressed files. Fixes bug #307087.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-02-031-110/+7
* Handle ghostscript interpreter crashes.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-02-031-3/+16
* Rework ps-document. Code cleanups, remove deprecated code.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-02-023-816/+781
* Fix memory leaks in ps backend.Carlos Garcia Campos2007-01-231-0/+4
* Reorganize source tree.Nickolay V. Shmyrev2007-01-0810-0/+3802