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path: root/pdf/splash
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Use poppler instead of including xpdf source code. Poppler is a fork ofKristian Høgsberg2005-03-0145-6440/+0
* Port fix for a crasher from kde bugMarco Pesenti Gritti2005-02-241-1/+1
* Fix CID fonts with freetype 2.1.9Marco Pesenti Gritti2005-01-261-0/+7
* pdf/splash/SplashBitmap.cc (SplashBitmap, ~SplashBitmap, writePNMFile):Martin Kretzschmar2005-01-083-1/+112
* Switch from .a to libtool convenience libraries.Owen Taylor2004-12-221-2/+2
* Import of xpdf code from gpdf.Owen Taylor2004-12-215-9/+15
* cvs remove. Remainings of the Xpdf non-automake build system.Martin Kretzschmar2004-06-031-0/+0
* added.Martin Kretzschmar2004-05-173-99/+54
* Initial revisionMartin Kretzschmar2004-05-1745-0/+6361