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+<!DOCTYPE html>
+<html lang="en">
+ <title>Teacher's Note</title>
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+<div class="heading">Teacher's Note</div>
+ <div><span class="bold">Subject:</span> Maths</div>
+ <div><span class="bold">Class:</span> 3</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Activity Title:</span> Quadrilateral</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Activity Code:</span> III M 1</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Recommended Week:</span> 1</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Correspondig textbook chapter:</span> Quadrilateral</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Learning area:</span> Geometry</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Learning achivevement:</span> Naming, learning and writing Quadrilateral's line and angle</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Elaboration matrix: </span> Differentiate Quadrilateral's line and angle</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Objective of activity:</span> Naming, learning and writing Quadrilateral's line and angle</div>
+<div><span class="bold">How to play:</span> Make quadrilateral of different activities in Geo-board. In lesson you can play the game "Searching geometric term in bee hives." Press the 'Game' button in between 'Exercise' and 'Help'. In this game you have to search for Geometric term and click them. If you press wrong button press 'Esc' key on keyboard and start searching for correct terms. You can find English and Nepali geometric term in bee hives.</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Self-assessment:</span> You can see the scoreboard for correct and incorrect answers.</div>
+<div><span class="bold">Recommended pre-activity:</span></div>
+ <img src="images/img1.png"/>
+ <blockquote>Make some geometric figures (as shown above) in black-board. Students make them in their copy. Make students write the figure's features.</blockquote>
+ <span class="bold">Recommended post-activity:</span> Ask the students to name each angle and side of the quardilateral drawn in the previous step.
+<div><span class="bold">Recommended e-library activity:</span></div>
+<div><span class="bold">Recommended group activity: </span></div>
+<div><span class="bold">Recommended homework assignment:</span></div>
+<div><span class="bold">Similar/related activities:</span></div>
+<div><span class="bold">Teaching tips:</span></div>
+<div><span class="bold">Useful websites: </span></div>