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authorAgustin Zubiaga <aguz@sugarlabs.org>2012-06-29 04:17:47 (GMT)
committer Agustin Zubiaga <aguz@sugarlabs.org>2012-06-29 04:17:47 (GMT)
commit8b823a892cee1103cdd352f7aa3f0944170def69 (patch)
parent6473de01a6077217c31e6e14e8f61aa249683d4b (diff)
clipboard read help
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/charthelp.py b/charthelp.py
index 978c572..eadd174 100644
--- a/charthelp.py
+++ b/charthelp.py
@@ -35,3 +35,7 @@ def create_help(toolbar):
helpitem.add_paragraph(_('In the activity toolbar you have buttons to read data from other activities'))
helpitem.add_paragraph(_('You can use times measured in the StopWatch activity'), 'import-stopwatch')
helpitem.add_paragraph(_('...or data from the Measure activity'), 'import-measure')
+ helpitem.add_section(_('Reading data from the clipboard'))
+ helpitem.add_paragraph(_('Some activities (such as VisualMatch) has the ability to copy data to the clipboard'))
+ helpitem.add_paragraph(_('Drop the clipboard data into the chart area and it will be charted'))