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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Show No data messageAgustin Zubiaga2012-11-101-0/+66
* Choose measure channelAgustin Zubiaga2012-03-092-0/+259
* Add helpGonzalo Odiard2012-03-071-0/+14
* Import stopwatch icon redesignAgustin Zubiaga2012-02-231-41/+65
* Add the import measure iconAgustin Zubiaga2012-02-141-0/+170
* Load and Graph StopWatch data (Some bugs)Agustin Zubiaga2012-02-091-0/+157
* Remove the simplegraph welcomeAgustin Zubiaga2012-02-062-250/+0
* Welcome addedAgustin Zubiaga2012-02-062-0/+250
* Icons for horizontal and vertical label optionsManuel QuiƱones2012-02-042-0/+64
* Icons redesignManuel QuiƱones2012-02-034-245/+117
* Save as image icon changed, a stupid bug removedAgustin Zubiaga2012-01-271-0/+116
* Save as image option, delete value option, toolbar redesignAgustin Zubiaga2012-01-244-24/+24
* Line charts and pie charts, chart color optionAgustin Zubiaga2012-01-233-11/+194
* Pycha module added, icons added, charts.py file added, simplegraph now can cr...Agustin Zubiaga2012-01-212-0/+159