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authorBernie Innocenti <bernie@codewiz.org>2010-05-03 21:53:47 (GMT)
committer Bernie Innocenti <bernie@codewiz.org>2010-05-03 21:53:47 (GMT)
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Import XaoS r489 (trunk after version 3.5)
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+.. _autopilot:
+.. index::
+ pair: menu item; Autopilot
+ pair: command line option; autopilot
+ pair: command; autopilot
+**Syntax**:(autopilot bool)
+To make XaoS yet more impressive, we made a special autopilot mode that
+automatically drives into interesting boundaries of the set; you should press
+A, play your favorite music, drink coffee and relax. I never tried this but it
+should be really relaxing! Many pictures in the XaoS gallery were discovered
+using the autopilot.
+The autopilot also has some additional features. It backtracks if the zoomed
+picture is not interesting anymore, and can detect when it's zoomed into really
+a boring part of the fractal or reached the limit of floating point arithmetic
+on the platform, and restart zooming from the top.
+**Available as**: menu item, command line option, command