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+Getting Support
+XaoS is a community-supported free software project.
+Home Page
+Visit the `XaoS home page`__ for the latest news and
+information about XaoS and to download the latest versions.
+__ http://xaos.sourceforge.net/
+Users' Discussion Group
+The `xaos-users`__ discussion group on Google Groups provides a place for XaoS users
+to help each other get the most out of XaoS. XaoS developers also monitor this
+discussion and answer questions from time to time.
+__ http://groups.google.com/group/xaos-users
+You can browse the archives freely but you must join the group in order to post.
+However, Google Groups provides a range of options for participation from a
+traditional mailing list to a completely web-based forum, so you don’t have to get
+emails if you don’t want to.
+If you have a question or problem, please feel free to ask for help. We also
+encourageyou to share examples (.xaf or .xpf files), hints and tips. If you have
+a gallery of images created using XaoS, feel free to post a link to the group.
+Developers' Discussion Group
+The `xaos-devel`__ discussion group on Google Groups is where XaoS developers
+discuss and coordinate the further development of XaoS. XaoS users are welcome to
+monitor this forum as well, but general discussion and requests for help should be
+posted to the Users’ Discussion Group instead.
+__ http://groups.google.com/group/xaos-devel
+Issue Tracker
+Issues are tracked on `Google Code`__. If you think you have found a bug in XaoS or
+have an idea for a great new feature, please let us know about it. However, if
+you’re not sure how to submit a useful issue report, please ask on the xaos-users
+discussion group first (see above).
+__ http://code.google.com/p/gnuxaos/issues/list
+Please don’t submit duplicate issues. Search the existing ones first to make sure
+nobody has already reported it. You can add additional information about a bug by
+entering a comment on an existing bug. You can also express your interest in an issue
+by using the “Star” function on Google Code. This lets the developers know how many
+users are interested in an issue and also allows you receive status updates.
+The developers will do their best to respond to issues in a timely manner. However,
+keep in mind that XaoS is developed on a volunteer basis and the developers work on
+it in their spare time. Therefore, we can’t guarantee that issues will be addressed
+in a certain timeframe.