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authorMarco Pesenti Gritti <marco@localhost.localdomain>2007-01-04 19:02:45 (GMT)
committer Marco Pesenti Gritti <marco@localhost.localdomain>2007-01-04 19:02:45 (GMT)
commit41ba004ca34eca5c9d1ab2d9c11ee8d7e877a2a6 (patch)
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Fix brightness keybinding
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diff --git a/README b/README
index c87cced..fa5ea28 100644
--- a/README
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@@ -22,10 +22,6 @@ F1 Mesh zoom level
F2 Friends zoom level
F3 Home zoom level
F4 Activity zoom level
-F5 Decrease brightness (DCON)
-F6 Increase brightness (DCON)
-F7 Color mode (DCON)
-F8 Black and white mode (DCON)
Shift+Alt+F9 Show the frame
Shift+Alt+F10 Toggle chat visibility