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path: root/src/sugar/graphics/palette.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Limit length of labels in palettes to 60 chars by default #610Tomeu Vizoso2009-04-061-1/+1
* Fix palettes scaling when using scaling factor 72 #504Simon Schampijer2009-03-131-3/+3
* Support setting None as the secondary text #384Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-241-1/+2
* Only display one line in the secondary text of a clipping palette #384Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-241-1/+2
* Add activate signal to PaletteTomeu Vizoso2009-02-101-4/+15
* Start adapting to Python 4.0Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-041-1/+1
* Palette positioning fixes #298Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-031-2/+12
* Move the palette to new style gobject properties.Benjamin Berg2009-01-121-50/+44
* Fix palette highlighting on tray icons. Patch by benzea, style tweaks by me.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-12-181-6/+8
* Rework palette state logic. Fix #42Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-12-181-9/+7
* Dont pop down the palette when a submenu opensTomeu Vizoso2008-12-071-2/+7
* Add accelerator support to menu itemsTomeu Vizoso2008-12-051-0/+4
* Mark modules as STABLE/UNSTABLE/DEPRECATED.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-281-0/+4
* Make sure the mouse motion is stopped before starting it.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-10-181-2/+2
* Trac #8563: sugar palette doesn't handle 'table menus'.C. Scott Ananian2008-09-191-0/+7
* Break the reference cycle between menu and palette. #8469Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-09-131-0/+4
* #8394 Destroy the palette when the invoker is dettachedTomeu Vizoso2008-09-101-1/+4
* More cleanups to make pylint happy.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-09-071-10/+21
* Get rid of the custom _hide/_show and just use the widgetMarco Pesenti Gritti2008-09-071-57/+26
* Make Palette handle changes of the invoker widget. Fix #7881Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-08-141-14/+23
* More pylint fixesMarco Pesenti Gritti2008-08-101-1/+2
* Put palettes into the "default" palettegroup by default again. (fix #4084)Benjamin Berg2008-08-011-0/+2
* initialize right_click_invoker_hid in paletteSimon Schampijer2008-06-051-0/+1
* Attach palette to parent when no widget is given.Tomeu Vizoso2008-06-031-6/+6
* Disconnect button release signals on detach.Tomeu Vizoso2008-05-241-0/+2
* Reveal palettes on right-click (Eben)Tomeu Vizoso2008-05-241-18/+56
* Allow to attach the invoker to the widget after construction,Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-05-241-18/+46
* Hookup the new palette creation in the toolbuttons.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-05-231-1/+2
* Move palette creation logic inside the invoker.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-05-231-14/+55
* Use a src directory consistently with base and shell.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-04-291-0/+1000