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authorManuel Quiñones <manuq@laptop.org>2012-06-12 13:04:39 (GMT)
committer Manuel Quiñones <manuq@laptop.org>2012-06-21 16:48:29 (GMT)
commit480cd56ff330035310a0a24b736e4256a8cc76f4 (patch)
parent1641b9ae0703190df383619202ac33e60c130bb9 (diff)
Remove GObject threads - SL #3670sugar-0.96
Having GObject threads is provoking segmentation faults. They were added previous to the GTK3 port to solve this bug: http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/5639 which I can't reproduce anymore having threads removed. Signed-off-by: Manuel Quiñones <manuq@laptop.org> Acked-by: Simon Schampijer <simon@laptop.org>
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/webactivity.py b/webactivity.py
index 2149259..fb1a451 100644
--- a/webactivity.py
+++ b/webactivity.py
@@ -21,9 +21,6 @@ from gettext import gettext as _
from gettext import ngettext
import os
-from gi.repository import GObject
from gi.repository import Gtk
from gi.repository import Gdk
from gi.repository import GdkPixbuf