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authorDaniel Narvaez <dwnarvaez@gmail.com>2012-07-05 08:57:05 (GMT)
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Allow to configure screen resolution
Also move SUGAR_OUTPUT to the new config file
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@@ -70,9 +70,22 @@ send-patches Send local commits as patches for review.
Use --help for more informations about each command.
-== Environment variables ==
+== Configuration ==
+You can set a few options by creating sugar-build/config. Example
+The following options are available
+Specify the screen resolution in the form widthxheight. Note that
+the resolution needs to be in the list of available modes, as
+displayed by xrandr command.
Sugar does not run properly on multiple video outputs, so we need to
select one and turn off the others. By default we select the first