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authorWalter Bender <walter@sugarlabs.org>2013-12-09 18:39:35 (GMT)
committer Walter Bender <walter@sugarlabs.org>2013-12-09 18:39:35 (GMT)
commiteb793446e007c7c9988d6dd14773935b49edfca9 (patch)
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more news for 194
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@@ -4,12 +4,18 @@ ENHANCEMENTS:
* Save/restore palette settings in GConf
* Add confirmation when emptying trash in GNONE version (Alan Aguiar)
* Add load/save plugin dialog to GNOME version (Daniel Francis)
+* Add busy cursor when projects are being prepared to run
+* Reworked Duplicate Blocks warning graphic to reflect current block shapes
+* New translations
-* Fix shade block dock settings (Alan Aguiar)
-* Fix bug in empty trash (Alan Aguiar)
+* Fixed shade block dock settings (Alan Aguiar)
+* Fixed bug in empty trash (Alan Aguiar)
* Set active turtle after 'clean' in exported Python code
* Execute 'until' body once before entering loop in exported Python code
+* Fixed problem with running_blocks flag not being cleared (cause of spurious
+ "hit stop button" messages.
+* Fixed problem with errant text entry widget on run.