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path: root/TurtleArt/taturtle.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Merge branch 'master' into running-turtleartturtle-centric-2Marion2013-07-051-1/+2
| * fixed bug in set_color logicWalter Bender2013-07-011-0/+2
| * fix broken lambda functionsWalter Bender2013-07-011-1/+0
* | add two methods to Turtle to get the coordinates independently of each otherMarion2013-07-031-0/+6
* fixed some sharing issuesWalter Bender2013-06-261-1/+1
* pep8 and pyflakes cleanupWalter Bender2013-06-261-13/+15
* make private variables _privateWalter Bender2013-06-261-226/+237
* fix typo in set_pen_state sharingWalter Bender2013-06-261-1/+1
* migrate to turtle-centric modelWalter Bender2013-06-251-116/+527
* pep8 cleanupWalter Bender2013-05-221-1/+1
* change type()== to isisintanceWalter Bender2013-05-051-1/+1
* more code cleanupWalter Bender2013-02-101-4/+4
* pyflake cleanupWalter Bender2013-02-101-1/+0
* use float to store internal turtle position and headingWalter Bender2012-11-011-10/+8
* pep8 cleanupWalter Bender2012-04-091-3/+3
* recenter the turtle graphic when computing rotationsWalter Bender2011-11-271-6/+7
* rotate reskinned turtles in all 36 positionsWalter Bender2011-11-271-12/+26
* changed constamts name to UCWalter Bender2011-10-311-3/+3
* revert tagettext magic until it is fixedWalter Bender2011-04-131-3/+4
* using math.pi to make code easier to readWalter Bender2011-03-181-5/+5
* restrict turtle label angle to the sidesWalter Bender2011-03-171-2/+5
* more finetuning of turtle label size and positionWalter Bender2011-03-171-6/+6
* moving turtle labels on left side of the turtle farther to the leftWalter Bender2011-03-161-3/+8
* fine-tune turtle labelWalter Bender2011-03-161-1/+1
* fixed more logic errors; data type mismatches that prevented sharingWalter Bender2011-03-141-0/+2
* add a label to the remote turtles (experimental); fix bug that prevented colo...Walter Bender2011-03-141-1/+25
* disable moving remote turtlesWalter Bender2011-03-131-0/+4
* unified debug outputWalter Bender2011-02-231-4/+3
* use DEFAULT_TURTLE_COLORS from taconstantsWalter Bender2011-02-131-2/+2
* fix no color attr bug when restoring turtle shellWalter Bender2010-10-211-9/+15
* pep8 cleanupWalter Bender2010-10-101-13/+8
* watch out for float parameters to gtk; limit minimum image size to 1x1 pixelWalter Bender2010-10-051-1/+1
* fixed positioning problem when reskinning/rescaling turtleWalter Bender2010-09-221-0/+1
* reset turtle shapes on clean (#2353)Walter Bender2010-09-221-0/+8
* removed has_key referencesWalter Bender2010-09-211-4/+4
* rotate skin clockwiseWalter Bender2010-09-211-1/+1
* specify skin by orientationWalter Bender2010-09-211-6/+10
* added reskin turtle blockWalter Bender2010-09-201-3/+25
* minor cleanupsWalter Bender2010-08-231-1/+0
* using turtle name to generate turtle colorWalter Bender2010-08-221-5/+20
* reset overlays and turtle on clearWalter Bender2010-08-211-3/+3
* reorg of module heirarchyWalter Bender2010-08-121-0/+209