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path: root/images/ru
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* eliminating pregenerated svgsWalter Bender2010-01-26116-15764/+0
* updated pengroup palette artworkWalter Bender2009-11-031-600/+818
* adding color blocksWalter Bender2009-11-037-0/+70
* merge of walters-cloneWalter Bender2009-09-181-2/+2
* new srtwork for Turtle paletteWalter Bender2009-09-082-678/+965
* svg not reliable for masks due to antialiasingWalter Bender2009-08-197-1906/+0
* eliminate lock blockWalter Bender2009-07-211-19/+0
* elimited lock blockWalter Bender2009-07-211-4/+0
* new pippy artworkWalter Bender2009-07-212-54/+122
* new myblocks maskWalter Bender2009-07-211-3/+3
* new store in blockWalter Bender2009-07-211-0/+270
* adding position blocksWalter Bender2009-07-064-0/+184
* refactoring of media blocksWalter Bender2009-05-0321-2717/+2748
* adding visual feedback for user-defined blocks when Python code loadedWalter Bender2009-03-261-0/+54
* adding "pippy-programmable" blockv44Walter Bender2009-03-194-61/+224
* added missing X on myblocks paletteWalter Bender2009-03-191-4/+5
* reorg of SVGsWalter Bender2009-02-2812-1605/+1323
* adjustment to pt svgsWalter Bender2009-02-209-606/+0
* consolidating redundant svg filesWalter Bender2009-02-2052-6855/+0
* added it; cleaned up fr; converted to cjson (with help from silbe)Walter Bender2009-02-191-0/+261
* adding set text color support to svgsWalter Bender2009-02-139-304/+403
* cleaning up flow paletteWalter Bender2009-02-133-337/+186
* adding lock blockWalter Bender2009-02-132-23/+131
* finishing up merge from TAPortfolioWalter Bender2009-02-1214-0/+3741
* removing sensors from release version; adding keyboard inputWalter Bender2009-02-128-264/+591
* artwork for es fi fr mn pt ru trWalter Bender2009-02-0245-3042/+5613
* rebase on TAPortfolioWalter Bender2009-02-0211-832/+0
* added step buttonWalter Bender2009-01-184-32/+86
* added run button to toolbarWalter Bender2009-01-182-0/+54
* cleaned up artworkWalter Bender2009-01-142-122/+61
* new artwork, better i18nWalter Bender2009-01-106-353/+1496
* added push and pop (en only)Walter Bender2009-01-065-0/+245
* * add named boxes and stacksWalter Bender2009-01-0610-381/+643
* added palette imagesWalter Bender2009-01-043-22/+142
* TurtleArt with sensors features folded into TurtleArtWalter Bender2009-01-047-0/+417
* added ru and fixed a few other lang problemsWalter Bender2008-12-10118-0/+15732