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path: root/Desenho.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Implement change the size, font and attributes in the Text Tool. - OLPC #2501...Gonzalo Odiard2010-12-031-5/+1
* New suggestion for arrow drawing in PaintAnurag Chowdhury2010-10-221-9/+22
* Changes made to save the last added text item. (OLPC #5917)Gonzalo Odiard2010-10-211-3/+3
* remove unused importsGonzalo Odiard2010-10-191-4/+0
* make Desenho.py pep8 complaintGonzalo Odiard2010-10-191-218/+302
* fix #296 - Active point of Paint pointers should be at tip of penscil, brush,...Gonzalo Odiard2010-06-091-46/+32
* #8285: Try to use queue_draw_area() instead of queue_draw()Sayamindu Dasgupta2008-09-091-1/+9
* Make pencil tool use the brush (partial workaround for #8285)Sayamindu Dasgupta2008-09-091-16/+0
* Updated POT file (using 'setup.py genpot')Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-11-011-0/+9
* Changes from André:Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-11-011-2/+11
* Merging repositoriesAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-10-191-145/+156
* Fitting canvas to usable area (See ticket #3689)Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-10-081-11/+11
* Squashed commit of the following:Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-191-29/+47
* Changed some private attributes into public ones and vice-versa (OficinaActiv...Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-131-8/+8
* Many internal changes in palettes; size now is only choosen inside tool paletteAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-121-3/+3
* Bug #3320 fixed; Default tab now is 'Tools'Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-121-345/+350
* Squashed commit of the following:Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-101-4/+5
* Minor modifications on PalettesAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-241-44/+92
* Text tool improved.Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-241-3/+16
* Bug #2147 fixed.Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-241-2/+6
* Modifications on selection and gelection bounds (by pekayatt)Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-211-13/+16
* New Paint (oficina) version: 5v5Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-201-187/+89
* Adding heartNathalia Sautchuk Patricio2007-08-171-1/+47
* modifing some functions: square, circle, selectionnathalia2007-08-171-48/+116
* add regular polygon and rearranging functionsnathalia2007-08-131-126/+155
* Colors now are choosen from a ColorButtonAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-271-1/+1
* Changed NATE web page linkAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-261-1/+1
* New past and copy funcions, improvments on selection funcpekayatt2007-07-251-53/+51
* Bugs fixed, new functions added, existing functions changedManusheel2007-07-241-248/+424
* New SVG Icon, name of project changed to paint and bugs fixedManusheel2007-07-181-0/+453