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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Changed the icons for mirror buttons, and moved the mirrorGonzalo Odiard2010-10-202-520/+126
* Implemented Mirroring Effect in Paint Activity (SL#2463)Ayush Goyal2010-10-202-0/+544
* Added Invert Color Effect to Paint Activity (OLPC #2495)Ayush Goyal2010-10-201-0/+387
* icons of selection colors buttons do not look if the selected color is blackGonzalo Odiard2010-06-182-10/+45
* Use a image more representative to icon of free form shape toolGonzalo Odiard2010-06-091-18/+71
* fix OLPC #1015 - Use new colorchooserGonzalo Odiard2010-06-092-26/+15
* #5903: Fix the rotate left icon. (erikos)Tomeu Vizoso2008-01-161-1/+1
* Bug #4806 solved: icons missing (Clear and Rainbow)Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-12-212-0/+34
* Changed activity MANIFESTAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-3045-1716/+0
* Bugs fixed, new functions added, existing functions changedManusheel2007-07-246-380/+76
* New SVG Icon, name of project changed to paint and bugs fixedManusheel2007-07-1891-0/+2946