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path: root/cardlist.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Pylint cleanupSimon Schampijer2009-10-061-36/+48
* Initial implementation of Speak featuresAleksey Lim2009-07-141-6/+6
* Store speak props in Memorize objectsAleksey Lim2009-07-131-20/+44
* Align tiles in create panel's listAleksey Lim2009-07-131-24/+41
* Fit import box to create panel sizesAleksey Lim2009-07-131-1/+1
* Remove code duplicationSimon Schampijer2009-06-101-10/+2
* Update-pair-button's sensitivity reflects to selected pair OLPC#6618Aleksey Lim2009-01-291-2/+6
* make cardtable screen-resolution independentAleksey Lim2009-01-221-2/+2
* #6617 make "Create" tab screen-resolution independentAleksey Lim2009-01-211-3/+16
* Fix permissionsSimon Schampijer2008-11-131-4/+2
* Change temp folder permisson to allow activity accessMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-11-301-1/+2
* Adds support to record ogg files and add mime-type iconMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-11-291-4/+4
* Rainbow compliance, Use new tubes interface #4739, fix in collaboration mode ...Muriel de Souza Godoi2007-11-081-7/+11
* Icons and pot files updated new list of demo gamesMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-11-031-1/+1
* Send game files over tubes do the other playersMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-10-291-272/+280
* Main release of create game mode. Game sharing is brokenMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-10-091-32/+172
* add create game icons, create game guidevelopMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-09-201-16/+41
* Basic interface (under development) for create game modeMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-09-111-0/+139