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path: root/svgcard.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* New accessibility toolbar added. Card is highlighted with stronger colors.HEADmasterPablo Moleri2010-05-091-2/+3
* Accesibility option in the game toolbar.Pablo Moleri2010-04-101-1/+1
* Skip full flipping animation if second speaking card is correctAleksey Lim2009-10-171-8/+9
* More pylint cleanupSimon Schampijer2009-10-061-24/+39
* Initial implementation of Speak featuresAleksey Lim2009-07-141-34/+69
* Store speak props in Memorize objectsAleksey Lim2009-07-131-18/+30
* Do not guess tile text sizesAleksey Lim2009-07-101-97/+103
* tweak cards' font sizesAleksey Lim2009-01-241-6/+11
* make cardtable screen-resolution independentAleksey Lim2009-01-221-1/+1
* #6617 make "Create" tab screen-resolution independentAleksey Lim2009-01-211-1/+4
* Fix permissionsSimon Schampijer2008-11-131-3/+1
* Send game files over tubes do the other playersMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-10-291-240/+240
* Main release of create game mode. Game sharing is brokenMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-10-091-14/+37
* add create game icons, create game guidevelopMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-09-201-91/+75
* Fix for #3160: all games have a complete 6x6 gridMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-09-131-2/+2
* Basic interface (under development) for create game modeMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-09-111-9/+7
* Fix for internacionalization #3068, letters games merged and card some otmiza...Muriel de Souza Godoi2007-09-011-232/+231
* Fix for high memory consumption #3106Simon Schampijer2007-08-311-0/+1
* Free the audio device when not in focusSimon Schampijer2007-07-271-2/+2
* Fix bugs on display back card labels and add code to consider text alignmentMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-07-211-12/+20
* New card text render and new game CapitalsMuriel de Souza Godoi2007-07-191-4/+43
* Started to merge the memosono game and the meorize game into one activity.Simon Schampijer2007-07-121-0/+215