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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
catalan-20160214Update Catalan translationRobert Antoni Buj Gelonch4 years
masterVersion 11Gonzalo Odiard6 years
sugar-0.94Commit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl.: 42 of 42 messages tr...Pootle daemon8 years
v11commit 16875601b9...Gonzalo Odiard6 years
v10commit a707ecad40...Gonzalo Odiard8 years
v9commit 1fafc5814d...Gonzalo Odiard8 years
v7commit 94e939533a...Gonzalo Odiard8 years
v6commit 4fa5c27c71...Gonzalo Odiard9 years
v4commit 241911efa5...Gonzalo Odiard9 years
v3commit cd4979ddaa...Wade Brainerd11 years
v2commit f2b78b6446...Live System User11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-07-23Version 11HEADv11masterGonzalo Odiard1-1/+1
2014-07-23Increase text size in the chart, and align amounts to the rightGonzalo Odiard1-6/+24
2014-07-22Set limits to the text size in category and description fieldsGonzalo Odiard1-0/+3
2014-07-22Reorganize summary panel to allow big numbers without resize the screenGonzalo Odiard2-9/+20
2014-07-18Implement export data to use in Chart activityGonzalo Odiard1-0/+134
2014-07-18Add icons fro export image and dataGonzalo Odiard2-0/+238
2014-07-18Show a alert after save chart in the journalGonzalo Odiard1-0/+29
2014-07-18Initial implementation of save chart to journalGonzalo Odiard2-19/+75
2014-07-17Draw alll the graphic using cairoGonzalo Odiard1-62/+75
2014-07-10New caledar iconGonzalo Odiard3-11/+47