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authorWade Brainerd <wadetb@gmail.com>2008-11-21 18:01:52 (GMT)
committer Wade Brainerd <wadetb@gmail.com>2008-11-21 18:01:52 (GMT)
commitfc297655b7b84c058985200d4f712e49dba9ac29 (patch)
tree0fc31cc7b5ee047826c2386d410d7d3ebf35e5d9 /TODO
parentde9ee0339ee37a8ada6ff7dfbbebe103bb493026 (diff)
Fix bug with old lessons still hearing keypresses.
Change timer to 1 second. Use Unicode in word wrap regex.
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index 06d79be..42bd20f 100644
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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ First Release
- Better flow at the end of a level. Report the result on the Lesson screen: Need more work, Medal received, etc.
- Ability of lessons to list medals in other lessons as prerequisites. Disable unavailable lessons.
- Some sort of lesson sorting criteria.
-+ Split into file-per-screen.
+- Split into file-per-screen.
+ Scroll lessons list to the first non-medaled lesson at startup. Or just remember scroll position.
+ Status message on the main screen. "You unlocked a new lesson!" for example. Eventually have the turtle 'say' it.
- Implement a long text copying lesson and fix bugs in the scrolling and typing.