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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gtk3Corrections in Entryflavio9 years
masterCommit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl.: 34 of 34 messages tr...Pootle daemon8 years
notificationsShow a notification when chat is in the background and gets a messageSam Parkinson8 years
ship-2Commit from Pootle by user shankar. 8 of 8 messages translated (0 fuzzy).Pootle User14 years
sucrose-0.82Commit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl.: 12 of 12 messages tr...Pootle daemon10 years
sucrose-0.84Commit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl.: 12 of 12 messages tr...Pootle daemon10 years
trial-3 Release version 24.John (J5) Palmieri14 years
update-1Merge branch 'master' into update-1 to sync it with Update.1 version released...Morgan Collett14 years
v78commit af7bbc9b80...Aleksey Lim9 years
v77commit a0219e9523...Aleksey Lim9 years
HEAD.gtk3commit 3055999fdf...Aleksey Lim9 years
v76commit b2ca5a7ad1...Aleksey Lim9 years
v75commit 02ae08cc22...Aleksey Lim10 years
v74commit ba9522de42...Aleksey Lim10 years
v73commit 6d857b87ab...Aleksey Lim10 years
v72commit 1831c58d14...Aleksey Lim10 years
v71commit 6eb1c70b22...Aleksey Lim10 years
v70commit b33728c577...Aleksey Lim11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2007-09-19 Release version 24.trial-3John (J5) Palmieri2-1/+3
2007-09-19#3556: Updated spanish translationMorgan Collett2-115/+16
2007-09-18 Release version 23.Morgan Collett2-1/+3
2007-09-18Updated spanish translationMorgan Collett2-227/+133
2007-09-11Revert more debug codeMarco Pesenti Gritti1-5/+0
2007-09-11 Release version 22.Marco Pesenti Gritti2-1/+3
2007-09-11I'm an idiot... rever the Message dialogMarco Pesenti Gritti2-3/+4
2007-09-10 Release version 21.Marco Pesenti Gritti3-1/+11
2007-09-09Spanish translationMarco Pesenti Gritti2-0/+239
2007-09-07 Release version 20.Morgan Collett2-1/+6