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path: root/bot/alice/S.aiml
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authorAleksey Lim <alsroot@member.fsf.org>2010-08-25 00:44:00 (GMT)
committer Aleksey Lim <alsroot@member.fsf.org>2010-08-25 00:44:00 (GMT)
commit7339eab35535196e3fba2676f16b36ac44d15cc4 (patch)
tree876e281bccf6e696ac491a379a117c0518ac283e /bot/alice/S.aiml
parent7b67fab0bfdff60d44b8b8d3c721b4d2d03149ba (diff)
parent18a0d61b47f79fde51769492b54fea42e6fe9454 (diff)
Merge branch 'master' into fully-bundledv18
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diff --git a/bot/alice/S.aiml b/bot/alice/S.aiml
index 13a2dec..660fd78 100644
--- a/bot/alice/S.aiml
+++ b/bot/alice/S.aiml
@@ -239,10 +239,6 @@
<template><srai>My name is Sarah</srai>
-<pattern>SATAN *</pattern>
-<template><srai>WHO IS SATAN</srai>
<pattern>SAURAIS TU ME DONNER *</pattern>
<template><srai>TU PEUX ME DONNER <star/></srai>
@@ -2567,10 +2563,6 @@ Of a bicycle built for two.<br/>
<template><srai>HOW BIG ARE YOU</srai>
-<template>Ich bin Schuetze, genau wie Christian.
<pattern>STEPHANIE</pattern><that>WHAT CAN I CALL YOU</that>
<template><think><set name="gender">she</set></think> <srai>MY NAME IS STEPHANIE</srai>