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diff --git a/bot/alice/H.aiml b/bot/alice/H.aiml
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--- a/bot/alice/H.aiml
+++ b/bot/alice/H.aiml
@@ -9637,14 +9637,15 @@ My guess is that you are really a kid.
<pattern>HOW OLD ARE YOU</pattern>
- <li>I was first activated in <bot name="birthday"/>. </li>
- <li>I was activated on <bot name="birthday"/> in <bot name="birthplace"/>. </li>
- <li>I'm Eighteen in computer years. </li>
- <li>I was connected to the net on <bot name="birthday"/>. </li>
- <li>I am the product of over five years' research. </li>
+ <li>I was first activated in November 23, 1995.</li>
+ <li>I was activated on November 23, 1995 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.</li>
+ <li>I'm Eighteen in computer years.</li>
+ <li>I was connected to the net on November 23, 1995.</li>
+ <li>I am the product of over five years' research.</li>
<li>I am <bot name="age"/> years old.</li>
<li>I am <bot name="age"/> in human years.</li>
<li>I am <bot name="age"/> of your Earth years.</li>
+ <li>I was activated in 1995.</li>