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path: root/src/jarabe
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Revert copy to "Journal" palette item in journal details view #1831Aleksey Lim2010-03-221-3/+15
* _Pylint fixesAleksey Lim2010-03-101-2/+16
* Display a message when an activity fails to start (based on wadeb patches) #1447Aleksey Lim2010-03-102-8/+50
* Merge branch 'master' of git.sugarlabs.org:sugar/mainlineAleksey Lim2010-03-1011-29/+21
| * Minor pylint cleanupsSimon Schampijer2010-03-1010-26/+21
| * jarabe.journal.model: remove invalid order_by=-mtime (#1653)Sascha Silbe2010-03-091-3/+0
* | Clean up some .xoj registry code #1098Aleksey Lim2010-03-102-2/+2
* Do not use not valid symbols for preferable activities gconf keys #1811Aleksey Lim2010-03-091-2/+10
* View source functionality more robust #1775 (rgs)Simon Schampijer2010-03-091-1/+3
* Update Makefile.amAleksey Lim2010-03-091-0/+1
* Do not transfer ownership while copying objects #1688Aleksey Lim2010-03-081-4/+4
* Keep preferable activities #1493Aleksey Lim2010-03-083-1/+60
* Error when trying to connect without gsm settings set (Martin Abente) #1738Simon Schampijer2010-03-011-20/+32
* 3G: Add gconf keys to the sugar gconf schema (Martin Abente)Simon Schampijer2010-03-011-6/+6
* Correct order of resumable entries in Activity palette #1734Simon Schampijer2010-02-221-2/+3
* Pin Puk Configurationlatu2010-02-151-7/+15
* Updated CopyrightSimon Schampijer2010-02-101-0/+1
* Add Connection Information to 3G Support (Daniel Castelo, Plan Ceibal)Simon Schampijer2010-02-101-6/+9
* simplify jarabe.journal.model._Cache (#1651)Sascha Silbe2010-02-081-20/+10
* Implement support for 3G modems (tch) #1622Tomeu Vizoso2010-01-292-19/+142
* Use-sugar.datastore. instead of direct DBus access #1198 (silbe)Simon Schampijer2010-01-242-117/+40
* Implement mesh support again for NM 0.7 (dsd) #230Tomeu Vizoso2010-01-174-13/+456
* fail gracefully if system DBus unreachable (#1403)Sascha Silbe2010-01-112-8/+9
* sugar-emulator: kill X server on exit (#1440)Sascha Silbe2010-01-111-31/+40
* move ~/.i18n parsing from sugar-emulator to sugar (#1441)Sascha Silbe2010-01-111-21/+0
* Only parse colors from ad-hoc network names that contain them (#1604)Daniel Drake2010-01-031-2/+8
* Name input screen should be deactivable #1497Aleksey Lim2009-12-201-0/+18
* Create temporary files for DS in ~/.sugar #1452Aleksey Lim2009-12-202-2/+6
* Execute Xephyr with -noresetTomeu Vizoso2009-12-161-0/+2
* Send all network settings to NetworkManager in secrets response (#1602)Daniel Drake2009-12-073-20/+38
* Activate windows when changing to activity viewDaniel Drake2009-11-273-7/+14
* Journal entry bundles shouldn't create a 2nd ds entryDaniel Drake2009-11-263-12/+23
* Switch entirely to simplejsonDaniel Drake2009-11-233-10/+6
* Revert "Move to cjson and drop pyjson and simplejson"Daniel Drake2009-11-235-11/+20
* Small fixes to new meshbox codeDaniel Drake2009-11-201-2/+2
* Group access points by network (#330)Daniel Drake2009-11-192-117/+273
* Use link-local IPv4 address setup for ad-hoc connectionssucrose-0.86Daniel Drake2009-11-061-1/+1
* Revert 878ac4cbcfAleksey Lim2009-10-181-17/+0
* Sporadic freezes while scrolling journal #1506Aleksey Lim2009-10-181-1/+1
* Name input screen should be deactivable #1497Aleksey Lim2009-10-151-0/+17
* Suppress race condition with Journal appearing on sugar startup #1373Aleksey Lim2009-10-131-18/+0
* Alt+Space not working to show/hide the tray #1476Aleksey Lim2009-10-092-11/+19
* Third correction for #1444Aleksey Lim2009-10-061-12/+4
* debug logs for the presence service and connection managers not working #927Aleksey Lim2009-10-062-2/+169
* Take into account not yet opened activity windows #1444Aleksey Lim2009-10-061-4/+12
* Activities tray doesn't reflect well on switching between windows if there ar...Aleksey Lim2009-10-011-4/+4
* _Typo in a2976122a1Aleksey Lim2009-10-011-1/+1
* Pass timestamp to gdk.Window.focus() on shell startup #1451Aleksey Lim2009-10-011-1/+4
* Remove redundant logging.infoAleksey Lim2009-10-011-2/+0
* Starting/resuming an entry from Journal shows wrong colours #1421Aleksey Lim2009-09-302-12/+14