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path: root/tools.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Upgraded to elements 12, pybox2d 2.0.2b1Brian Jordan2009-07-101-3/+7
* Added po and .pot strings ready for translation.Gary Martin2009-06-221-52/+53
* Fixed polygon tool to prevent small polys and avoid the crash.Gary Martin2009-06-211-7/+18
* Cleaned up magic pen logic, prevents small polys so now avoids crashing.Gary Martin2009-06-161-18/+13
* Removed Esc key as binging for quit to prevent accidental loss of work.Gary Martin2009-06-161-1/+1
* Default behaviour of poly tool a solid rather than decomposed triangles (much...Gary Martin2009-06-161-7/+11
* Renamed some tools and adjusted key accelerators (all tools now have a key).Gary Martin2009-06-161-8/+10
* Added accelerators for UI visibility and cleaned up tool key handling event c...Gary Martin2009-06-161-18/+10
* Added "Motor" and "Pin" toolsAsaf Paris Mandoki2009-06-141-2/+50
* Removed unfinished "joystick" featureBrian Jordan2009-05-251-69/+1
* Joystick button (is awesome... in progress)Brian Jordan2008-07-201-10/+45
* Improved toolbar automationAlex Levenson2008-07-161-2/+2
* Fixed toolbar automation for good! Yayaya!Alex Levenson2008-07-161-4/+9
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://alevenson@dev.laptop.org/git/activities/ph...Alex Levenson2008-07-161-3/+3
| * Gear key removedBrian2008-07-161-3/+3
* | Fixed issue w/ joint toolAlex Levenson2008-07-161-1/+2
* Automated toolbar -- not perfect yetAlex Levenson2008-07-161-7/+54
* created a seperate world.add.motor() functionAlex Levenson2008-07-141-1/+1
* Gears... right click with joint toolBrian2008-07-141-3/+7
* Added v 0.1 of complex polygons!!!!Alex Levenson2008-07-111-2/+5
* (hopefully) fixed focus issuesAlex Levenson2008-07-101-4/+6
* Reverted joints back to original functionalityAlex Levenson2008-07-101-5/+1
* Added some joints (not fully functional)Alex Levenson2008-07-101-4/+4
* Added the prismatic joint to elementsAlex Levenson2008-07-101-3/+7
* Adding more types of joints...Alex Levenson2008-07-101-4/+6
* Fixed joint tool right clickAlex Levenson2008-07-101-2/+2
* thicker affixations, more mouse grab power!Brian2008-07-101-1/+30
* Fixing tool switchingBrian2008-07-091-3/+3
* Menus now workAlex2008-07-091-3/+4
* Keyboard selection of toolsBrian2008-07-091-1/+17
* Added menu functionalityAlex2008-07-081-2/+3
* Total Reorganization! Now a proper activity (I hope)Alex2008-07-081-16/+290
* Added comments to tools.pyAlex2008-07-021-0/+22