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path: root/po/zh_CN.po
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update Simplified Chinese translations.Tao Wang2010-07-231-148/+255
* Update Chinese (Simplified) translationRay Wang2010-07-191-175/+188
* Update Simplified Chinese translation.杨章2010-06-271-194/+207
* Updated zh_CN translation.Funda Wang2010-05-311-328/+414
* Update Simplified Chinese translation.Aron Xu2009-12-041-17/+17
* Update Simplified Chinese translation.Tao Wei2009-11-301-176/+191
* remove unsuitable translation of string <public domain>Aron Xu2009-11-161-2/+2
* Update Simplified Chinese translation.Aron Xu2009-11-161-293/+329
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation.Aron Xu2009-09-011-427/+430
* Updated zh_CN translation.Funda Wang2009-04-101-381/+437
* Update zh_CN.poLu Gan2009-01-071-8/+25
* Updated Chinese Simplified translationLu Gan2009-01-011-372/+423
* Updated zh_CN translation.Funda Wang2008-09-061-352/+439
* Just a little modification of obsolote itemYang Zhang2008-01-281-1/+1
* Updated zh_CN translationYang Zhang2008-01-201-277/+296
* Updated evince zh_CN translationFunda Wang2007-07-261-199/+240
* Help Funda Wang committing zh_CN translation Kwok-Koon Cheung2007-02-221-331/+495
* Updated evince zh_CN translation.Funda Wang2006-08-141-151/+184
* Updated evince zh_CN translation.Funda Wang2006-06-041-152/+187
* Updated evince zh_CN translation.Funda Wang2006-05-051-177/+252
* Updated evince zh_CN translation.Funda Wang2006-02-151-107/+109
* Updated evince translation.Funda Wang2006-01-231-103/+119
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation of evinceFunda Wang2005-11-261-204/+119
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation.Funda Wang2005-10-271-249/+242
* Updated Simplified Chinese translationFunda Wang2005-08-241-137/+141
* Updated Simplified Chinese translationFunda Wang2005-08-161-136/+150
* Updated Simplified Chinese translationFunda Wang2005-07-271-117/+171
* Updated Simplified Chinese translationFunda Wang2005-07-181-94/+95
* scriptyFunda Wang2005-07-141-553/+299
* Updated Simplified Chinese translationFunda Wang2005-05-291-223/+931
* Added Simplified Chinese translationFunda Wang2004-12-231-0/+514